Non-synchronized Gantt Review and Time Based Replay

task target This task shows how to review the machining process using a non-synchronized Gantt chart and time based replay.
task target You should initialize some properties of the activities before starting the actual review.

Initialize color of activities

  • Select the Process Table command to display the current status of the machining process.
  • Right click anywhere in the table and select the Sort by String contextual command. Use the pop-up to search for all tool changes.

  • In the Graphic Properties toolbar, assign a unique color to all the tool change activities using the color combo.

Repeat this procedure to assign a unique color to Rough Turning operations (yellow, for example) and to Drilling operations (blue, for example).

For more information, refer to How to Use Properties of a Machining Operation.

Initialize cycle time for Tool Changes

  • Select the tool change activities in the Process Table as shown above.
  • Select Edit > Properties and assign a Specified cycle time (30 seconds, for example) as shown below.

scenario 1. Click Machining Gantt Chart in the Auxiliary Commands toolbar. The following non-synchronized Gantt chart appears.

Please note that the previously specified properties are visible in the chart.
2. Select the Part Operation in the PPR tree then click Time Base Replay in the Synchronization Management toolbar.
3. In the Process Simulation pop-up that appears, set the simulation step (3, for example).

4. Click the Run arrow icon to start the replay.

The rough turning and drilling operations start at the same time immediately after the tool changes.

end of task