About Expert Rules 

Creating an Expert Rule: Select the Expert rule icon to create an expert rule, write its body, test its syntax and add it to your rule base.

About Expert Rules

  • An expert rule is a set of instructions whereby you can start an action for any object having a type defined in a type list.
  • The action can be a message which does not modify the document. More generally it consists of a set of instructions modifying the document. The action specified in a rule can be conditionally executed depending on the value of one or more expressions. In an expert rule, objects are manipulated through their attributes and methods (if any). This applies to checks too.

An expert rule is made up of two parts:

  • The (for all) field in which you define the types list the rule applies to:
    S:Shell ; H:Hole
  • The rule body:
    if (S.Activity == true) AND (H.Activity == true )
    Message ("All shells and holes are activated")

To apply an expert rule to a document, solve the entire rule base.

 Summary of Tasks

Here is the Knowledge Expert feature hierarchy. In the graphic below, click the links to display the related summary of tasks.

                                                   Rule Base
kwxPsn2.gif (22925 bytes) Rule Set tasks
Expert Rule tasks
kwxWKChecks.gif (1236 bytes) Expert Check tasks

  Creating an Expert Rule
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