Simulating a V5 Mechanism

This task shows you how to simulate the V5 mechanism you created.

You designed a V5 mechanism as described in the previous steps.

  1. Click Simulation with Commands I_UseCmdP2.gif (253 bytes).

    The Kinematics Simulation dialog box is displayed:

    You can modify the command value of the kinematics mechanism.
  2. Manipulate the slider of the command.
    The kinematics mechanism moves accordingly.

    gsdbkinematicsimul01NLS.gif (3211 bytes)

    gssimulateV5mechanism01.gif (8154 bytes)

    gssimulateV5mechanism02.gif (8106 bytes)

  3. or Use the manipulator in the geometry area. For this:
    Move the mouse over a joint. The driven joint highlights and the manipulator appears.
    Drag the model with the left mouse button.

    gssimulateV5mechanism03.gif (10539 bytes)gssimulateV5mechanism04.gif (8386 bytes)

aremind.gif (956 bytes)

  • For more information, refer to Running Simulations and About Joints.

  • You can also enter a value for the command to achieve the same result.

  • Note that if you click morebutton.gif (1071 bytes), the Kinematics Simulation dialog box expands. The immediate option is set by default. For more information about the On request option, refer to Simulating on Request