Creating Point Curve Joints

This task shows how to create point curve joints in a V5 mechanism.
aprereq.gif (1223 bytes) Open the Create_PointCurve.CATProduct document.
ainfo.gif (980 bytes) When you create joints, you can define the mechanism within the same dialog box. Remember though, that you create a mechanism independently from the joints by selecting Insert > New Mechanism... from the menu bar.
  1. Click the arrow within the Revolute Joint icon in the Kinematics Joints toolbar.

  2. Undock the toolbar:

  3. Select Point Curve Joint . The Joint Creation: Point Curve dialog box is displayed.

  4. Click New Mechanism. The Mechanism Creation dialog box is displayed:

    Note: this dialog box lets you specify a meaningful name for the mechanism.

    Click Ok when done.

    In our example, keep the default name Mechanism.1.

  5. Select Curve 1 in the geometry area. The current selection field is automatically updated with your selection

  6. Select Point 1 in the geometry area. In our example, select Point.1 either in the geometry or in the specification tree.

    You can check the command orientation defined by a green arrow in the geometry area and in this example (command assigned to a revolute) but you cannot change its orientation

    • The parts which are not involved in the joint creation are displayed in low light (to easily locate the joint you are working on)

    • Pass the cursor over the green arrow to launch a short animation

    Let's say you forgot to assign a command, double-click the Point Curve joint in the specification tree:

    The Joint Edition: Point Curve.1 dialog box appears: select the Length driven check box 

    Note: In edition mode you can see the command orientation identified by a green arrow:


    If you try inadvertently to change the command orientation on a point curve joint, the following warning message is displayed

  7. Click Ok to end the point curve joint creation

    The specification tree is updated:


It is impossible to create point curve joints if the parts involving in the joint are not well positioned.
For more detailed information, refer to Tips for Curve or Surface Joints Creation