Creating Joints

This task shows how to create joints in a V5 mechanism.
You can now create 16 joint types from the following list:


  • Revolute  

  • Prismatic

  • Cylindrical 

  • Spherical

  • Universal

These joint can now be created using axis systems. See Creating Axis-based Joints

  • Planar

  • Rigid

  • Gear

  • Cable

  • Rack

  • Roll Curve

  • Slide Curve

  • Point Curve

  • Point Surface

  • CV  

  • Screw

aprereq.gif (1223 bytes)

Open the rods+3joints.CATProduct document.

ainfo.gif (980 bytes)

When you create joints, you can define the mechanism within the same dialog box. Remember, you can also create a mechanism independently from the joints by selecting Insert New Mechanism... from the menu bar.

  1. Click Revolute Joint in the DMU Kinematics toolbar.

  2. Click the arrow within the icon to undock the Kinematics Joints toolbar.

    creatingjoints01.gif (7475 bytes)

    The Kinematics Joints toolbar is displayed:

  3. Select the joint type of your choice.

  4. For instance click Rigid Joint I_RigidJntP2.gif (248 bytes).The Joint Creation: Rigid dialog box is displayed:

    The term Rigid corresponds to Fully restricted in the standard Kinematics terminology.

  5. Select the parts either in the geometry area or in the specification tree.

    creatingjoints02.gif (7885 bytes)

    stcreatingjoints01NLS.gif (2857 bytes)

    dbcreatingjoints02NLS.gif (2635 bytes)

  6. Click Ok to confirm your operation.

    The rigid joint you have just created, is identified in the specification tree.

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For more information, refer to About Joints and Creating Mechanisms and Joints.