Detecting Clashes Automatically in V5

This task shows you how to use the Clash Detection functionality while performing a Kinematics simulation.

Open the DETECT_CLASH_V5.CATProduct document.

  1. Click Simulation with Commands in the DMU Kinematics toolbar.
    The Kinematics Simulation dialog box is displayed. 

  2. Click to expand the dialog box. 

  3. Set the simulation mode On request

  4. Change the step number to 20.

  5. Move the slider to the end

  6. Select the Activate sensors check box. The Sensors dialog box is automatically displayed. 

  7. In the Detect Clashes area, the Automatic option is selected by default.
    Set the Clash detection to Stop.

  8. Launch your simulation with commands using Play forward .

    The simulation is stopped once a clash is detected


If you need to obtain a finer clash analysis, define interferences.(Refer to Detecting Interferences)