Detecting Clashes Automatically in V4

This task shows you how to take advantage of the clash detection functionality in a kinematics simulation context.
Open AUTO_CLASH_DETECTION.CATProduct document.


  1. Click the Simulation with Commands icon in the DMU Kinematics toolbar.

    The Kinematics Simulation dialog box is displayed.
    Select GARDENA in the Mechanism drop-down list
  2. Click to expand the dialog box. 

  3. Set the simulation mode to On request.

  4. Click the arrow within the Clash Detection icon in the DMU Generic Animation toolbar.
    Undock the toolbar if necessary.

  5. Set the Clash detection to on

  6. Move slider to 116 for command 3 (C3)

  7. Run your simulation
    The clash is highlighted in the geometry area:

  8. Now set the clash detection to Stop .

  9. Run your simulation. This time, the simulation stops at the first clash detected.


If you need to obtain a finer clash analysis, you need to define a interference, refer to Detecting Interferences