Moving Constrained Components 
Using the Compass 

This task consists in manipulating the components in a V5 mechanism  to check if the components react the way we want.
aprereq.gif (1223 bytes) Open the Jack.CATProduct document.
  1. Select the compass manipulation handle and drag it onto CRIC_BRANCH_1. For details about how to use the compass, refer to Infrastructure User's Guide Version 5. As the compass is snapped to the component, you can manipulate the component.

  2. Now, if you press and hold down the Shift key, select v/z axis on the compass, then drag and drop the component up and down, you can see that three components are moving. This is an example of what you can get:

  3. Repeat the operation as many times as you wish. The product reacts correctly. CRIC_FRAME does not move because it is fixed. The other three components can move.

  4. Release the left mouse button before releasing the Shift key.

  5. Drag the compass away from the selected object and drop it.