Opening Your DMU Kinematics Simulator Document in Version 5

This task recalls how to open a DMU Kinematics Simulator Version 5 document.

  1. Enter the DMU Kinematics workbench, then select Insert > Existing Component  or File > Open  to select the desired models.

    Refer to Entering the DMU Kinematics Workbench and Selecting Models
  2. Activate the desired kinematics products in the specification tree. You are ready to work with DMU Kinematics product.

  3. You can also use the Browse window which provides alternate methods to access your documents:

    Doc Chooser supported for DLNames  
    • For instance, if you defined DLNames* in the Document settings, the File > Open dialog box offers now a specific interface to let you select documents when working with DLNames.

    *DLNames: document environment which lets you restrict the access to specific folders referenced by logical names referred to as "DLNames".

    Refer to Opening Existing Documents Using the Browse Window