Setting Up Your Session

DMU Kinematics Simulator provides easy methods to simulate mechanisms previously defined using the CATIA Version 4 KINEMAT and KINEMUSE functions.

You may find it useful to refer to your CATIA Version 4 Kinematics User's Reference Manual.


Prepare CATIA Version 4: transfer the solid and surface geometry that represents the moving parts into separate models (1 part per model). The model containing the kinematics mechanism should only be a stick model (that is, wireframe plus the definition of the mechanism). Use KINEMUSE function's DRESSUP item to define set/model relationships. Save all models and, if needed, the session.
Convert V4 Kinematics Data into DMU Kinematics V5: open the model containing the kinematics mechanism. In the specification tree where the Version 4 kinematics model is displayed, select the mechanism you wish to copy into the Kinematics Simulator Version 5. Put the data you have selected in the clipboard, then select Application in the specification tree and paste.
Open Version 5: enter the DMU Kinematics workbench, then select Insert > Existing Component in order to select the desired models.