Importing a Mechanism and its Dressup

This task consists in importing a and simulating mechanism with its associated dressup using the Import capability

Open the IMPORT_MECHANISM_DRESSUP.CATProduct document.

  1. Make sure you are in Design Mode if you work with the Cache System (refer to DMU Navigator User's Guide- Viewing the Cache Content)
    If not, select Edit > Representations > Design Mode from the menu bar...

  2. Using the File > New command, click New   from the Standard toolbar or select the File > New... command. In the New dialog box, double-click Product.

    An empty document appears.

  3. Arrange your document windows using Window > Tile Vertically command.

  4. Use the Copy/Paste capability to create a new product:

    • Right-click  IMPORT_MECHANISM_DRESSUP in the right window. Select Copy from the contextual menu displayed.

    • In the left window, right-click Product2 and select Paste from the contextual menu.

  5. In the Product2 window, import the mechansim and its associated dressup, for this:

    You have two possibilities:

    • click Simulation with laws I_UseLawP2.gif (280 bytes)

    • or click Import Sub-Mechanisms .

  6. Click Ok in the warning message displayed (if you clicked the  Import Sub-Mechanisms icon ).

    The import operation is performed:

    The dressup is imported:


  8. Click Simulation with Commands from the DMU Kinematics toolbar.
    Please refer to Simulating With Commands.
    You can simulate the imported mechanism.