Filtering Swept Volume Positions

This task shows how to filter swept volume positions. It can be very useful in terms of calculation performances to retrieve positions in a swept volume. Refer to Defining a Swept Volume

You recorded a simulation in a Simulation object and compiled the Simulation. You obtained a Replay object. You need this Replay object to define a swept volume.
Open the Open the KIN_SWEPT_VOL.CATProduct document.

  1. Click Swept Volume I_SweptVolumeP2.gif (240 bytes).
    The Swept Volume dialog box is displayed:

  2. Click in the Products to sweep spin box, the Product Multiselection dialog box appears letting you select or deselect the products to sweep.

  3. Select KIN_EX17_03_ENS3.1

  4. Click OK to confirm your operation.

  5. Set the Filtering precision to 20mm.

  6. Click Preview to generate the swept volume. The progress bar is displayed letting you monitor and, if necessary, interrupt (Cancel option) the calculation.

    This what you obtain:

  7. Click Save  if you are satisfied or launch the calculation again with new values. The Save As dialog box appears automatically:

  8. Select cgr format and click Save.

  9. Click Close.

  10. Insert the SWEPTVOLUME_filterresult.cgr into Product1, for this right-click Product1 and select Components > Existing Component from the contextual menu displayed.

    The Swept volume is identified in the specification tree and in the geometry area

Refer to the DMU Optimizer User's Guide for more information