DXF/DWG: Trouble Shooting


  The imported file is either too small or too large.
A DXF/DWG file does not contain its units.
You must enter the unit used for the creation of the file to import it at the correct scale.
  1. Select the Tools > Options... command.

  2. Select the General category, then the Compatibility category, then click the DXF tab.

  3. Enter the unit of the DXF/DWG file.

For more information, see Import with Unit. 


  When working with CATIA Version 4, if you open a DXF or DWG file created in Version 5,
you need to set the curve tolerance to 0.0001 (0.1 as default).
If some elements are missing, make sure that the All Visible or the None filter is activated and restart the export.
  Exported Kanji or unicode characters may be missing or displayed incorrectly after opening the DXF/DWG
file in the receiving system. In order to visualize them, edit the textstyle STANDARD in this system and
associate the font associated to this style to an unicode font.