Using the Workspaces Navigator for Model Editor

The objective of this new functionality is to make workspace selection in Model Editor easier and faster. By this means, you will be able to quickly find a given DETAIL in a large list.

The command Change Workspace can only be used in Model Editor workbench.

You can choose to open a model with a limited number of tab pages. For this, the number of tab pages will be pre-defined by an environment variable. For more information, please refer to Opening a CATIA V4 Model in CATIA V5.

Open a model containing a Detail and several Dittos.
  1. Holding the Shift key, select two Dittos (*DIT1 and *DIT8) under *MASTER.

  2. In the CATIA V5 menu bar (Model Editor workbench), select the command View -> Change Workspace. It can also be reached from the workbench toolbar (vertical toolbar on the right).

The following window appears:

*DIT1 and *DIT8 are contained in the current and active workspace and they have been selected in *MASTER. The workspaces SOLID_1 and SOLID_4 are highlighted in the Workspace List because they are Details pointed by these Dittos: *DIT1 and *DIT8. If you do not select any component in the specification tree or if you select any component except Dittos, by default this is the active workspace that is highlighted in the Workspace Navigator window.

This window is modal: as far as it is not closed, the user can only interact with it. All workspaces appear in alphabetical order except *MASTER and *DRAFT which are always in first positions.

The Current Workspace is displayed in a small window under the selection frame. The Type column informs you that the workspace type is 2D or 3D.

The Comment column allows you to see if a Detail has a Comment. Here is another example with a Comment associated to a Detail:

Filter Behavior

This Filter provides workspace pre-selection. The "star" meta-character is available in this filter, for instance: *UB*.

By clicking a workspace name (in the list) and the OK button, the user makes the selection window disappear and the workspace is displayed in CATIA.

By clicking a workspace and the Activate button or by double-clicking a workspace name, it is displayed in CATIA.

The Close button allows to quit the command.

The Help command allows you to get help on the Filter functionality. Click the Help button, the cursor takes on the shape of the What's This? icon and select the Filter button to obtain more information about it: