Add/Remove Members in a Fabrication

This task shows you how to modify a fabrication.
1. With your document open select the fabrication you want to modify and click the Modify button. 


2. The Modify dialog box displays.  You can redefine, extend the range to add additional members, or remove members from the fabrication.

When modifying a fabrication, your options are limited to extending its range to include additional members or removing members.  Remember that members may only be removed from the ends of a fabrication. 
3. Click to activate the Show all fabrications option.  This will highlight all fabrications in the product. In the image below, the upper spool is Spool-001, while the lower spool is Spool-002.

4. To remove a member select it in the Modify dialog box and click the Remove  button. In the view below, members have been removed from Spool-001.

5. To add members to a spool:
  • You can redefine the range of the spool by clicking the Define range button . The Analyze Network dialog box displays.  Under the Path tab the range is undefined.  Proceed in defining the range as described in Creating a Fabrication. Select the beginning and end of the spool to include the new members.
  • Click on the part you want to add, in the 3D viewer. The part will be added to the spool. If a part cannot correctly be added to a spool you will not be able to select it.
6. In the image below a new range of members are added to Spool-001. 

7. Click OK and then Close the Create Fabrication dialog box.