Creating a Fabrication

This task shows you how to create a fabrication.
A fabrication is a grouping of HVAC components much like an assembly is a group of components or parts. 

1. In the following scenario a series of runs have been connected. Click on the Create Fabrication button .  The Create Fabrication dialog box will appear. If your document contains fabrications then the names will display in the Fabrication pane.

2. Click on the New button.  The New dialog box displays. The option Highlight current spool is preselected. This highlights the parts as you select them to add to a new spool. If you want to see existing spools in the document, select Highlight other spools.

To create a spool in a new document check the option Create spool in a new document and enter a file name in the window that displays. The new document needs to be created beneath the run's parent product.

3. You need to define the range (from-to) for the spool you want to create. Click the Define elements in range button .  The Analyze Networks dialog box opens. 

4. Click on the Path tab and select the From and To objects of the fabrication you want to create. The image below shows the selected  fabrication.

5. The fabrication is highlighted in the 3D viewer as are its members in the specification tree.  The Analyze Networks dialog box displays the From object and To object as well as the Number of objects in the current path.
6. Click the Close button on the Analyze Networks dialog box.
7. The New dialog box opens again allowing you to name the fabrication you just created.  You may accept the default name or assign a name of your choosing.  Click on the Use ID Schema button to activate the Name field and enter the name for the fabrication.  Click on the Use ID Schema button if you want to revert to the name assigned by the application.  When finished, click OK.  The fabrication is created.
Click again on the Create Fabrication button to see the list of fabrications you have created.