Querying a Line ID or its Members

This task shows you how to query a Line ID or its members
When you query a member you are asking which line ID it belongs to. When you query a line ID you are asking which members belong to it.

1. Click the Select/Query Line ID button . The Selecting/Query Line ID dialog box appears.

2. Use the Sort and Filter options as needed. Under Filter, select the Local option if you want to filter line IDs in the document. Select All if you want to filter all line IDs available to you. The Filter String field allows you to enter a line ID name - you can use wild cards. Clicking the Filter Attributes button brings up the Line Attribute Filter dialog box. See Select/Filter Line IDs to learn more about filtering.
3. To perform a query, click a line ID in the Filtered Line ID list. The members of that line ID will be highlighted. To query a member click on it in the document. All members that belong to the same line ID will be highlighted and the line ID will be highlighted in the dialog box.