Placing a Section at the End of a Part

This task shows how to define and place a section at the end of a HVAC part.
When you define and place an HVAC section you are dividing (splitting) the duct end section so as to add smaller runs and ducts that run in different directions, like branching.  There is no length (or depth) parameter to a section although it appears so when placed in your document.

1. With your HVAC document open, click the Place Section button . The Place Section Parts dialog box opens, displaying buttons for horizontal or vertical sections, and all sections in the catalog. If you select All Section Parts then a list displays all sections in your catalog. Select a vertical or horizontal section and click at the end of the duct when the green arrow (connector) appears.

NOTE: When placing section parts in the catalog, you should place the horizontal section part first, then the vertical section part, and after that any other section parts you want to add.

2. With the new section displayed and the green arrow still visible, the Manage Override Parameters dialog box will open.  You can make changes to the parameters shown.  The width ratio shown (0.6), reflects a 60/40 split of the duct section.  The width ratio (vertical section) or height ratio (horizontal section) can be changed to obtain the desired section.

3. Make your changes and click OK.  The section is placed. To further divide the duct, place another section, this time a horizontal section, over the previous one.

4. Click OK when finished.
When placed, the section has connectors for each portion from which you can continue routing.  In the view above (right) there are four connectors available.