Removing the Locks Within the Angular Limitations

ascenari.gif (1364 bytes) This task allows you to remove all limitations on a segment.
Allowing you to remove the angular limitation will permit you to move a segment in any degree, It means that the segment will be able to do a complete circle of 360 degrees.
A manikin must be created or imported to complete the following procedures.

Removing angular limitations

  1. Select  Removes the angular limitations   

  2. The Removes the angular limitations dialog box appears.


  3. Select the segment(s): to be unlocked.

  4. The segment appears.  Select the DOF required, and OK.

  5. In the Properties dialog box, the Angular Limitations  tab, the upper and lower limit's are none.


  6. The Angular limitations on the manikin.

  7. There is also another way to remove the angular limitations. It is when you manually move one limit until to reach the other limit (making a 360 degrees circle).  At this time, a message box will ask you if you want to remove the angular limitations. If yes, the result will be the same as shown above. If no, you will still be able to change the angular limitations but will never be able to make an angular limitations that would cross one another.