angular limitations

The manikin's joint limitations.
anthropometry The study of proportional relationships between the shape, weight and size of body segments.


degree(s) of freedom Each linear or rotary movement along or about a given axis. Manikin segments can have up to three DOFs.
DOF degree(s) of freedom


father product The product the manikin will be attached to in the specification tree. It can be the root product or any other product under the root. 


line of sight Designed to facilitate the manipulation of the manikin's field of vision. It can be selected as any other segment of the manikin.


manikin A virtual human. 


posture The position of the whole manikin (global posture) or of parts of the manikin such as hand posture (local posture).


segment A section of the manikin such as forearm, neck, thigh, ankle, etc.
specification tree Area of the document window reserved for viewing the design specifications of a part, presented in the form of a tree structure.


visual field The entire area that can be seen when the eye is forward, including peripheral vision.