Entering New Values


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This task describes how to manually modify an anthropometric value using the Value section of the Variable Edition dialog box.

  1. Select Display Variables from the Anthropometry Editor toolbar.


    By setting the Management field to Manual, there are several ways to manually modify an anthropometric value.

  2. All of the methods shown below have the same global effect. To avoid inconsistency, they modify the variable's value and update the manikin's anthropometry.

  3. Type in a new percentile value. The variable will be automatically set to the corresponding value, or type in a new value in the spinner.

  4. Modify the value by increasing or decreasing it step-by-step using the spinner. You can specify the step of the spinner by using the spinner's contextual menu.

  5. Assign a previous value using the contextual menu or the spinner.


    Edit formula The dialog box Formula Editor enables you to edit the formula.

    Edit The Edit Parameter dialog box enables you to edit the parameter. 

    Add tolerance The Tolerance dialog box enables you to edit the tolerances.

    Change Step The default step is 25.4mm. To change this, select new one. The New Step dialog box enables you to change the number, OK.

    Measure Between The Measure Between dialog box.

    Measure Item The Measure Item dialog box.

    Add Multiple Values This enables you to add multiple values for the product.

    Range The Range has two selections.  Selecting Edit brings up the Range of Product and enables you to edit the Range.

    Edit Comment The URLs & Comment dialog box.

    Lock Selecting the Lock, locks the Value Percentage window.

    Right-clicking in the window again, allows you to select Unlock.

  6. You can also manipulate the arrow directly in the 3D viewer.