Changing Variable Management from Automatic to Manual

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This task describes how to change variable management from automatic (system default) to manual using the Variable Edition dialog box.

When a standard manikin is created, all the anthropometric variables are created and set to automatic, i.e., system managed. The values of these variables depend on the sex of the manikin and the anthropometry chosen at creation (5th, 50th, or 95th percentile).

You can manually modify any variable's value to customize the manikin. All variables have a minimum and maximum value taken from the database of the population to which the manikin belongs. If you enter a value that goes out of bounds, the system will set the variable value to its maximum or minimum.

To change the variable management to manual:
  1. Display the Variable Edition dialog box by selecting the Display Variables   from the Anthropometry Editor toolbar.

  2. Select the desired variable; the Management area of the dialog box is activated.


  3. Set the management to Manual. The corresponding arrow (if any) turns to red in the 3D Geometry window, and you can now modify the value.