Analyzing the Cable Layout

This task shows you how to analyze the layout of cables on a hanger.
1. With your document open, click the Analyze Cable button . The Analyze Cable dialog box displays.
2. Activate the List cables routed through selected part option and select a hanger. The hanger name will appear in the Part Name field and the cable names will be displayed in the table along with their supported weight. The fields in the lower panel will display the following:
  • Total supported weight
  • Allowable supported weight
  • Percentage fill
  • Rack size
  • Growth factor

3. Select a cable from the list. All hangers that support that cable will be highlighted.
4. Activate the List all cables option. A list of all cables in the document will display.

5. When you activate the Highlight overloaded parts option, hangers that require resizing or rearranging of cables will be highlighted.
6. Select the hanger whose layout you want to modify. Refer to the other topics in this section for information regarding resizing a hanger.
See other tasks in this section to learn ways of manipulating cables in a hanger.