Analyzing Hanger Connections

This task shows you how to analyze hanger connections.

When a connected hanger is moved from its attached location - or if the attaching surface or structure has moved, the 'logical connection' remains and is flagged as a connection status change. This occurs when the hanger is no longer attached to the supporting structure; or it appears to be attached but the location has changed.
1. Select one or more connected hangers you want to move. Press the Ctrl key while selecting multiple hangers. Use the manipulation handles to drag the hangers to a different location either on or off the attaching surface. 
2. Click the Hanger Connection Analysis button . The Hanger Connection Analysis dialog box opens displaying a list of the hangers for which the connection location has changed. 

3. Click the Connect Parts button in the Hanger Connection Analysis dialog box and reconnect the hangers as done previously in Attaching/Detaching Hangers.
4. If the Hanger Connection Analysis advisory (below) appears this means that the location of the connected hangers remains unchanged.