Placing a Hanger on a Loft

This task shows you how to place a hanger on a loft.
To place a hanger on a loft section, select the section.

When you place a hanger on a loft it splits the loft. For instance, if you place two hangers on a loft, that loft will split into three lofts.


1. With your document open, click the Place Hanger button and then select the On Object tab in the Hanger Placement dialog box that displays. If the Part Number field displays a hanger, make sure it is the hanger you want to use. If it is not, then click the Reset Tab Page button to clear the field.

2. Define the orientation of the hangers you will place. (See Orienting a Hanger.) You can choose to use one of two methods to orient the hanger you intend to place. If you do not use any method, then the hanger orientation will be based on the local axis. This means that the downcomers will point in the Z direction of the axis.
3. Select one of the options under Hanger Sized By.
  • Loft Dimensions: the hanger will resize to the size of the loft.
  • Reference Hanger: the loft will resize to the size of the hanger.
  • Cables: the hanger tiers will resize to be able to hold all the cables in the loft.
4. Click on the loft where you want to place a hanger. If the Part Number field displays a hanger, that hanger is placed.

If the field is clear, the Catalog Browser displays.

Expand the entry and select a part number. The Catalog Browser closes, your selection displays in the Part Number field of the Hanger Placement dialog box, and the hanger is placed (it may take a few seconds).

Place more hangers by clicking again, or end the process by clicking OK.

5. You can also place more hangers by selecting a hanger and entering the number of instances and the offset in the Hanger Placement dialog box. You can change the direction in which the hangers will be placed by adding a negative (-) sign before the Offset value.