Orienting a Hanger

This task shows you how to orient a hanger before you place it.

1. You can choose to use one of two methods to orient the hanger you intend to place. If you do not use any method then the hanger orientation will be based on the local axis. This means that the downcomers will point in the Z direction of the axis.
2. To orient the hanger using the offset plane, click the Offset Plane button and place it, in this example on a loft. When you place a hanger the downcomers will point toward the offset plane. The image below shows the downcomers of two hangers placed on the same loft pointing toward the offset plane.

3. You can orient the hangers using the compass. Place the compass on the loft - the downcomers will align with the Z axis of the compass when you place them.

If both offset plane and compass are placed on a loft then the offset plane will have precedence - the hanger will point toward the plane.