Copy/Paste/Inserting an Existing Manikin

This task describes storage management principles involving manikins in the Human family of products.
A manikin is created in the same document as its father product, thus avoiding file duplication in the saving process. Manikins created in such a manner can further be imported into a new document, and most importantly, manikins created with previous releases of the software will import as well, without any particular required operation from the user (no data migration needed). There is no duplication of files on the user disk unless it is really necessary.

Each manikin created is local to its document, and copying a manikin from one CATProduct document to another will require you to explicitly break the link with the Copy/Paste Special command.

  1. If you want to import an existing manikin, use the Insert Existing Component command of the Product Structure workbench.

  2. Please note that when working with CATProcess documents, the behavior of a manikin inserted as a resource will not change. That is, this does not apply to manikins imported in a CATProcess document. Also note that manikins created in previous releases of Human Builder (those in their standalone documents) will continue to behave as such (they will not be merged with the document they are imported in).

  3. The command prompt asks for a component to which the existing component will be added.  Select the Product1 in the PPR tree.

  4. The File Selection dialog box appears.  Select the directory, and manikin required, and Open.


  5. This places the manikin into the scenario.