Creating a Manikin 

ascenari.gif (1364 bytes) If you do not have an active product with a manikin, follow these steps to create a manikin.
  1. Go to the Start menu.


  2. Select Ergonomics Design & Analysis  > Human Builder to create a new manikin.


  3. Select Inserts a new Manikin, from the Manikin Tools toolbar, or from the Insert pull-down menu.

  4. See The New manikin dialog box for explanations of each tab.

  5. Select the Product name in the PPR tree.  Under the Manikin tab, select the father product, enter a name for the manikin, set the gender, and the percentile.


  6. Under the Optional tab, set the population, model-type, referential, and choose whether or not to set the referential to a compass location.


  7. Or if you already have an active product containing a manikin, select the manikin or double-click a segment to change to the workbench.