Smoothing Face Boundariess

This task shows you how to improve the quality of faces by smoothing their boundaries.
More Reference Information is available in the Face Smoothing Parameters chapter.
  1. Open file PanHandleForFaceSmooth.CATPart in the samples directory. 
    has a very high number of edges composing its boundary. 
    You will first check the number of its edges, then reduce this number.

  2. Select Surface.65.

  3. Click Boundary icon in the Operations toolbar. Click OK. Boundary.1 is created.

  4. Now click Disassemble in the Operations toolbar and select Boundary.1.
    As you can see, the boundary is made up of 48 edges.

  5. Select Boundary.1 in the tree and delete it.

  6. Select Surface.65 again and click Face Smooth in the Repair Geometry toolbar.
    The Face Smooth dialog box appears.

  7. Click OK to reduce the number of edges. Note that a new surface has been created. 

  8. Repeat Steps 2 to 4 on the new surface. You see the new boundary is made of 3 curves.


  • It is not possible to process a boundary limiting a face stretching over a grid of patches.
  • The links between neighbor faces are not taken into account.
    So be careful not to increase existing gaps or not to create new ones.
  • It is not possible to process only a portion of a boundary.
  • The maximum deformation distance allowed is that of CATIA V5: 0.001