Positioning using an Existing Sketch

This task shows you how to copy the parameters of an existing sketch by selecting it in the specification tree while editing or creating another sketch.

This capability enables to use the properties of existing sketches to fasten their positioning and definition.

  • An image has been loaded as described in Creating an Immersive Sketch.
    From the samples directory, you can also select the SampleCar_side.tif image.
  • The Left View icon was selected from the View toolbar to import the sketch within this view.
  • The Set cylindrical view type was selected from the Sketch Parameters dialog box.
  The loaded image looks like this:

  The image size is indicated in the dialog box shows a size of 1237 X 651.

  1. Use the manipulators to scale and position the sketch.

  2. Click OK in the dialog box.

    The image has been imported into the .CATProduct document and a Painting feature is added to the specification tree.
  3. Load a second image as described in Creating an Immersive Sketch.

    You can see that the orientation and the size of this sketch is different from the first one: it shows a size of 1243 X 799.
  4. In the specification tree, click the first Painting feature.

    You can see that:
    • the view orientation of the second sketch is the same as the selected sketch
    • the current sketch is centered on the selected sketch and proportionally scaled.
    As a consequence, scaling and positioning the second sketch will be quicker and easier.