Applying a Styling Surface Onto the Shelled Body

In this task, you will alter the part shape by cutting material away from it. To do so, you will use the Cut capability with a styling surface.



  1. Click the Cut icon .
    The Cut dialog box is displayed.

  2. Select Shellable Prism.1 as Features to cut.

  3. Select Top Surface as the cutting element.

  4. Click any arrow to reverse the direction indicating which portion of material is to be kept. The arrows must point toward the phone bottom face as shown here:

  5. Click OK to cut the part and hide the cutting surface to enhance the result:

    The specification tree indicates this operation under the name of Cut.1.

In a Nutshell

The Cut capability can be used to modify the shape of a functional feature with a styling surface.

To know more about this capability, refer to Cut.