External Shape

While creating shape features, you can reuse an external shape to build a shape feature.

This task shows you how to create an external shape using a surface and a body.

Open the External_Shape.CATPart document.



  1. Click any icon requiring a shape definition. For example, launch the Shellable Feature .

    Click the External Shape icon from any shape feature dialog box. The following dialog box is displayed:

  2. Select Trim.1 under Geometrical Set.1 from the specification tree for External Shape.

  3. Enter 0mm for Default offset.

  4. Click OK.

  5. Click the Shellable Feature icon .

  6. Select External Shape icon .

  7. Select Body.2 for External Shape.

  8. Enter 4mm for Default offset.


    The default offset value is applied to all faces on the selected body. The default value is 0mm. It will take positive and negative value.
    You can also define the unique offset value to the selected faces with Other offset faces.

  1. Enter 6mm for Offset in Other offset faces.

  2. Select red and green faces for Faces as below.

  3. When you wish to apply the same offset value to other selected faces, check Apply distance to all selected faces.

  4. Check Apply distance to all selected faces.

  5. Core (Specific to Shellable Feature)

    The Core capability enables you to define a core body (offset) for a shellable feature.

  6. Select Core tab.

  7. Select Select core for Type.

  8. Select Body.2 for Core body.

  9. Enter 1mm for Default offset.

  10. Enter 2mm for Offset in Other offset faces.

  11. Select a green face for Faces.

  12. Click OK.