Creating Stacked Dimensions 

This task shows how to create stacked dimensions. See Dimension Units for more information on dimension unit display.
Remember that:
  • When the dimension supports are related to a parameter (sketch's constraints, knowledge, etc) for which tolerances are still defined, they are set to the dimension tolerances.
Open the Tolerancing_Annotations_10 CATPart document.
  Select Tools > Options. In the Mechanical Design category, select the Functional Tolerancing and Annotation sub-category, then the Dimension tab and check Align stacked dimension values.
  1. Activate the Front View.1 annotation plane.

  2. Click Stacked Dimensions  in the Annotations toolbar.

  3. Select the first element.

  4. Select the second element.

    You just created a first dimension within the stacked dimensions system. You can then proceed to create as many dimensions as necessary.
  1. Select, one after the other, the third, fourth and fifth elements to create three additional dimensions within the stacked dimensions system.

  1. Click in the free space to validate and end the dimension creation. You can notice that the stacked dimension values are aligned.

You can set the dimension properties in the Dimension Properties and Numerical Properties toolbar as described in Creating Dimensions.