Creating Point Analysis Interface

This task shows you how to create a Point Analysis Interface.

Only available with the Generative Assembly Structural Analysis (GAS) product.

Open the sample39.CATAnalysis from the samples directory.

  1. Click Point Analysis Interface in the Analysis Supports toolbar.

    The Point Analysis Interface dialog box appears.

    • Name: lets you change the name of the connection.
    • First component: lets you select a point, a vertex or a set of geometrical points.
      Do not select points that are already associated to a mesh node.
    • Mesh Parts: lets you select the associated mesh part.
      The mesh part selection is mandatory. If you do not select any mesh part, a warning message appears after launching the update operation.
  2. Select points as First component.

    In this particular example, select six geometrical points.
    You can select in the specification tree: Point.1, Point.2, Point.3, Point.4, Point.5 and Point.6.

  3. Activate the first Mesh Parts field.

  4. Select the desired mesh part.

    In this particular example, select the Surface Mesh.1 mesh part in the specification tree.

  5. Click OK in the Point Analysis Interface dialog box.

    Point Analysis Interface.1 appears in the specification tree under the Analysis Connection Manager.1 set.