Generating a 2D Display for Sensor

This task shows you how to generate a 2D Display visualization of a sensor.

  • You can generate a 2D Display visualization only in case of multi-occurrence solutions (frequency, dynamic response, ...).

  • The computation of the solution containing the sensor is automatically launched when you use this functionality.
    The computation process may be long.

Open the sample59.CATAnalysis document from the samples directory.

  • Compute all the solution.
    To do this, click Compute .

  1. Right-click the Displacement Vector sensor under the Sensor.3 set in the specification tree and select Generate 2D Display .

    The corresponding view appears in a 2D Display document.

  2. Close the window to retrieve the CATAnalysis document.

    A 2D Display object appears in the specification tree.

    You can retrieve the 2D view and edit it.
    To do this, double-click the 2D Display object in the specification tree.

  • For an easier navigation between the two documents, select the Tile Horizontally or Tile Vertically submenu of the Window menu.

  • You can edit several graphic parameters.
    For more details, refer to Editing 2D Display Parameters.