Welcome to the Equipment Arrangement User's Guide. This guide is intended to familiarize users with the product.

This overview provides the following information:

Equipment Arrangement (EQT) in a nutshell.

Getting the most out of this guide.

Equipment Arrangement in a nutshell

The Equipment Arrangement product provides customers with a complete set of tools to build and manage equipment in manufacturing plants, process and power plants, and ships. 

Specifically, this product provides you with the capability of creating and managing intelligent representations and arrangements of equipment. Intelligent equipment arrangement allows you to more productively create and validate designs. In addition, the captured intelligence can be reused for downstream design processes. All this is done using industry standard conventions, terminology, and practices. 

The product supports the definition of equipment configurations. This involves general layout tools to place and locate equipment and the creation and management of associated systems. Comprehensive attribute data is attached to the equipment to allow its full definition within the context of the plant design. In addition, full capabilities are provided to quickly annotate the 3D model with intelligent annotation, query design data, and generate appropriate report information. All of these design tools are provided via a highly intuitive and productive interface that allows users to quickly create, modify and manage their designs.

Together with other products, the Equipment Arrangement product gives users the power to manage equipment in ship or plant operations in a completely flexible way.

Getting the most out of this guide

To get the most out of this guide, we suggest that you start reading and performing the Getting Started tutorial. This tutorial will show you how to create basic components. Once you have finished, you should move on to the User Tasks section, which deals with handling all the product functions.

The Workbench Description section, which describes the Equipment Arrangement workbench, and the Customizing section, provide further useful information.

Navigating in the Split View mode is recommended. This mode offers a framed layout allowing direct access from the table of contents to the information.


Using This Guide


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