Migrating V4 Equipment

This task shows how to migrate V4 equipment geometry to V5. This allows you to recreate V4 equipment in V5 and place it in a catalog.
1. Move your V4 model (by ftp or any other means) to the same platform as V5, in this case Windows.


Enter at a command prompt the following line, which sets a variable: set CATDisciplinePath=XXX\intel_a\startup\EquipmentAndSystems\ProjectData where XXX is the directory path to your installation.
3. Create a new Equipment Arrangement document in V5 and then click Tools - Project Management to select your project and discipline.
4. Click the Create Part button and then click the button next to the Component Type field to display the class browser.
5. Expand the Equipment Part category and select a part type for your part - it displays in the Component Type field.
6. Enter a name for the part in the File Name field. For the sake of convenience, it is recommended that you use the name the part had in V4. Press Enter and click Apply. The part displays in the specifications tree. Click OK.
7. Copy the geometry from the V4 part and paste it in the V5 document. See Copying V4 Geometry to V5 for more information.
8. After you have pasted the geometry you must complete your part document. You will want to go back to the Create Part function to add properties, connectors and other data. These are explained elsewhere in this user guide.
9. When you have finished you should hide the three planes (xy, yz, zx) and save the part.