Defining a Cavity Connection Point

This task explains how to add a cavity connection point to the connector in order to insert it into a cavity of an equipment.

The document is still open from the previous task.

  1. Click Define Cavity Connection Point .
    You are prompted to select a device.

  2. Select the part itself.

    The dialog box opens:
    • Change the Name to CavConnectionPoint for example.
    • Select the back face as Representation: Face.
      The representation will be the visualization of the cavity connection point.
    • Select the Placement Constraints as follows:
      The contact: Point.1

      The coincidence: Face

      These selections will be used as specifications to create the assembly constraints during the connection of this single insert connector to a cavity.

      The OK button becomes available.

    • Press OK to validate your choice.
  3. Save the document as PartStd2.CATPart for example.
    This document now contains an electrical connector, with its connection point, that you will insert in the assembly.
    See the last task.