Inserting the Electrical Part Newly Defined

This task shows you how to add the previously-defined electrical part to the product.

  1. Click Existing Component .
    You are prompted to select the product in which you want the component to be inserted.

  2. Select Product1.

    The File Selection dialog box opens:
  3. Select the file saved in the previous task: PrtStd2.CATPart.
    The PrtStdElec is added to the specification tree and the geometry.

  4. Click Connect Electrical Devices .
    You are prompted to select a connector.

  5. Select the new connector back face, i.e. the representation of the cavity connection point you've created, as shown below:

    You are prompted to select another connector.
  6. Select the representation of the Equipment DA4 third cavity, i.e. the face as shown below:

    The connector is connected to the equipment.
    It is the first object selected that moves to the location of the second object.

The result looks like this: