Using Smart Move

This task explains how to move a component placed in the geometry area, using a compass.
aprereq.gif (1223 bytes)

Open the SmartPlace.CATProduct document and place a component.
Refer to Using Smart Placement from Catalog for example.

  1. Click Smart Move .
    You are prompted to select a device.

  2. Select the support.

    A compass appears.

  3. Click to place the compass on the support.

  4. Move the cursor to change the position of the support.

    In the geometry area, the manipulator allows you to select:
    • The placement point
    • The privileged plane
    • The direction: you can select an edge.
      By pressing the Shift key, you can invert the direction.
  5. Click to place the support:

    The support is placed on the plane selected, with a compass automatically snapped to the part.

    You can use this compass to orientate the support.

  6. Click anywhere in the geometry area to exit the Smart Move command.

This functionality uses information stored with the part in the catalog:

  • an origin point
  • a x, y and z direction.
  • The origin of the part (the support in this example) is placed at the point selected with the compass.
  • The x, y plane of the part is parallel to the plane selected using the compass.
  • The z direction of the part is collinear to the z direction selected using the compass.