Storing Devices

This task explains how to store electrical devices, wires and wire groups into a catalog.
You can store both electrical parts and products.
A CATIA session is running.

A catalog is already created to store the electrical devices.
You can use the Demo.catalog. It is made up of:

  • A chapter: Electrical Devices
  • A family: Contacts

  1. Open the ContactXJ220Elec.CATPart document.

    If modified, the document must be saved before being stored to the catalog.

  2. Click Store Device .

    The Device Storage dialog box opens:
  3. If need be, click the Browse button to select the catalog.
    Here select Demo.catalog.

  4. Select the Contacts family using the combo list.
    The light turns to green.

  5. You can also check the Use Catalog/Electrical Objects Predefined Mapping if it has been defined in the Tools > Options. Refer to Mapping Definition.

    Note that this option is only available if electrical behavior has been added to the device reference, and not to an instance.

  6. Click OK to validate.