Adding a Branch Point

This task explains how to create a branch point to connect another bundle segment.
The document is still open from the previous task.
  1. Click Add Branch Point .
    You are prompted to select a bundle segment.

  2. Select the bundle segment.

    The Create Branch Point dialog box appears with a pre-selected reference point, allowing you to place the branch point on the curve:
  3. Optionally, click Other Extremity to change the reference point to the other end of the bundle segment.

  4. Click Length to define the distance to the reference object and enter 60mm for example.

  5. Click OK to validate.
    A branch point is created and the branch now contains two bundle segments.

    The result looks like this:
  6. You can now create another bundle segment to be connected to the branch point:

    To do so:
    • Click Branch Definition  .
    • Click Route Definition.
    • Click successively in the geometry the connector A3 and the branch point previously created.
    • Click OK .

    The result looks like this:

You can add a branch point on a bundle segment even if it is covered with a protective covering.