Electrical System Functional Definition (EFD) is a product dedicated to the functional definition of electrical systems and addresses the first stage in the electrical systems engineering process. It completely supports the integration of electrical systems in the digital mock-up.

Electrical System Functional Definition is a Java application integrated into the ENOVIA 3d com Navigator that resides on a network comprising the CATIA V5 server and can be customized to corporate requirements.

The functional definition is done independently of any 3D representation and offers a structured view of the components making up the electrical system, for example an airplane radar system. You can create systems and components as well as make both internal and external system connections. Other applications can be used to generate data and a neutral file format lets you import and export entire systems from and to other applications.

The functional definition of your electrical system is an iterative process and lets you fine-tune your definition over time. Existing or legacy data are also supported.

Electrical System Functional Definition is a dedicated workbench and is available on both UNIX and Windows environments.

This guide is organized as follows:

  • Getting Started: provides a scenario allowing you to get acquainted with the product
  • User Tasks: The first tasks provide a step-by-step guide for using Electrical System Functional Definition. Useful tips are given for getting the most out of the product. The ending tasks provide more advanced tasks on printing, importing & exporting, mapping EFD components to V4 and V5 catalog parts, generating EFD components from V4 and V5 catalog parts as well as VPM1 interoperability.
  • Workbench Description: describes the Electrical System Functional Definition-dedicated menu bar and workbench toolbar.
  • Customizing: contains information allowing you to customize your personal environment.
  • Glossary: provides definitions of terms that are specific to Electrical System Functional Definition.
  • Index: provides a list of terms that are specific to Electrical System Functional Definition.

Using This Guide

The user should be familiar with basic ENOVIA 3d com Navigator Version 5 concepts such as the Webtree and standard toolbars.

To get the most out of Electrical System Functional Definition, use the following user guide wizard. It will help you better locate information relevant to you as well as to the way you work.

User Guide Wizard

Go to:

I am a first time user The getting started tutorial. Once you have finished, you should move on to the user task section of this guide. This steps you through basic procedures.
I have used Electrical System Functional Definition before Your Electrical System Functional Definition session and start defining your electrical system. If you need some help in understanding tools and commands, use the on-line help. You can also take a look at the basic user task section of this guide to locate information with which you are not already familiar.
I never read manuals The on-line help. This guide can be accessed using a standard Web browser.

Where to Find More Information

You may also like to read the following complementary product guides, for which the appropriate license is required:
  • Electrical Wire Routing User's Guide
  • Electrical Library User's Guide
  • Electrical Harness Installation User's Guide
  • CATIA - Infrastructure User's Guide for information on installing EFD

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