Creating Off Sheet Connectors

Off sheet connectors enable you to place markers in your functional definition that are used to establish connections between different systems. They are created under signals.

This task explains how to create off sheet connectors.
Open the CreateOffsheetConnectors.CATProduct document from the samples folder.
  1. Click the signal to which you want to add an off sheet connector in the tree view.

  2. Click the Sub Components button .
    The BOM view is displayed to the right of the tree view.

  3. Select the Off Sheet Connector button I_FloatingPoint.gif (651 bytes) in the list:

  4. Click the cell in the Name column and give the off sheet connector a meaningful name.

  5. (Optional) Click cells in attribute columns and complete with appropriate values.

    If needed, you can create off sheet connectors of different types for the same signal.

  6. Click OK to validate the entry made.

    The off sheet connector is created and is identified in the tree view under the signal.
ainfo.gif (980 bytes) To be able to establish off sheet connections:
  • Signals must be of the same type
  • Off sheet connector names must be identical.

Note: Additional rules can be programmed.