Starting Electrical System Functional Definition

This task explains how to start the default Electrical System Functional Definition (EFD) Version 5 environment on Windows and on UNIX.

Note: To run EFD, it is recommended to use JDK 1.1.6 or 1.1.7.
With newer Java version, you may have some problems (CPU loop) during usage of EFD.

Although EFD has a WebTop look, it is branded a CATIA product and the license must be acquired directly in CATIA as follows:

  1. Launch CATIA

  2. Select Tools > Options > General > Licensing tab, then select EFD and/or EF2

  3. Restart CATIA and make sure that the option is selected.
    This step is necessary because restarting CATIA with the appropriate license selected actually acquires the license.

  4. Start EFD.

EFD is integrated into the ENOVIA 3d com Navigator.

  1. Change to the directory or folder default_installation_location/docs containing the EFD startup shell.

  2. Enter the command:

    On Windows, runEFD.bat with arguments:
    • location of EFD runtime libraries (for example, c:\Program Files\Dassault Systemes\B17)
    • location of JDK (for example, c:\jdk1.1.7).
    • If the JDK has been installed in a path whose name contains some spaces (example: c:\progam files\jdk), then you need to specify the path in quotation marks (example: "c:\program files\jdk")..

    On UNIX, with arguments:

    • name_of_Orbix_server
    • location of EFD runtime libraries (for example, default_installation_location/docs/java).

    The default port used to connect to the server is 1570. If another port has been specified during the installation, it should be used in the logon window. For example, if the server's name is alexo and the Orbix port is 1571, then the host name for EFD is alexo:1571.

    The Portal Logon dialog box is displayed.

  3. Enter the UNIX or Windows username and password, then click Logon.

    An Electrical System Functional Definition document is displayed.
    The tree view is shown to the left.
For more information on installing Electrical System Functional Definition.