Printing System Information

This task explains how to print system information.
Data can be routed directly to a printer or printed to a file.
  1. Click the Print button.

    The Print dialog box appears.
  2. Using the Select system drop-down list, select the system whose information you want to have printed.

  3. Identify the information you want printed:
    By default, system data about components including signals, and component properties is printed. De-activate options if associated data is not desired.

  4. Click Print.
    The standard Windows Print dialog box displays.

  5. Select a printer or check the Print to file check box.

  6. If you checked Print to file, then enter the name of the output file and click OK in the Print to File dialog box,


    If you selected a printer, set the Page range and Number of copies then click OK in the Print dialog box.

Print options (paper margins, etc.) can be set in the file.