Cutting the Part by the Sketch Plane

This task will show you how to cut a part by a sketch plane so that some edges are made visible. Thus, the sketch plane view is simplified as pieces of material which you do not need for sketching are hidden.

If it is not displayed, open the Getting_Started1.CATPart document.

  1. Double-click Sketch.2 from the geometry.
    The sketch is displayed in the Sketcher Workbench.

  2. Move the sketch so that you can see the whole part.

  3. Click Cut Part by Sketch Plane from the Visualization toolbar.

    A piece of material has been hidden and some edges are now visible, which can let you now sketch the required profile taking these edges into account.

  • To display the cut part again, simply click Cut Part by Sketch Plane again.
  • For more information on Cut Part by Sketch Plane,  see Cutting the Part by Sketch Plane.