Going to Hyperlinks

This task shows you how to trig hyperlinks referenced in a Version 5 flagnote annotation.
Open the Review_Product_02.CATProduct document.
The following task has been performed using the cache system including the annotations. See Annotations and Cache System.
  1. Click the 3D Visualization option:

3D Flagnote annotations are displayed.

  1. Click the Go to Hyperlinks icon:

  1. Move the mouse over the flagnote.

Hyperlinks contain in the flagnote are displayed as tooltip.

  1. Click the flagnote.

The Open Hyperlink dialog box appears.
When the flagnote contains one link only, click the flagnote open the default browser with the link directly.

  1. Double-click a link to open the default browser with the link.

  1. Click OK to close the dialog box.