Visualizing Annotation Related Surfaces

This task shows you how to visualize the surfaces which are referenced by annotations.
Open the Review_Product_01.CATProduct document:
  1. Un-select the 3D Visualization option if needed:

  2. Select the Related Surfaces option:
    Nothing happens, this option is only available when the 3D Visualization option is activated. 

  3. Select the 3D Visualization option:

    All the surfaces, which were referenced or toleranced using the CATIA V4 FD&T function, are highlighted.
    Note that the application lets you customize the color of related surfaces.
    For more information, please refer to Tolerancing settings.
    This function lets you:
    • Analyze the advancement of the dimensioning and the tolerancing.
    • Visualize the functional surfaces.
    • Have a quick glance at the advancement of the part.