DMU Tolerancing Review

This page deals with the options concerning:

Related Surface

Defines the related surface options:


Defines the related surface color for the annotations.
By default, the color is red. See the screen capture.

Design Mode

Defines the Design Mode options:


Defines whether models are loaded in Design Mode, to access technological data in your document, otherwise remember that models are loaded in Visualization Mode, only visualization data are loaded.
By default, this option is selected.

Hatching, coloring or dotting for clipping plane


Defines whether the clipping plane is displayed with hatching, coloring or dotting, or not.
Note that the same option is available in Functional Tolerancing & Annotation. Modifying this option in DMU Tolerancing Review will modify its status in Functional Tolerancing & Annotation, and vice-versa.
By default, this option is not selected.